Sunday, May 31, 2009


So far we have managed create an entire house thanks to the help of friends and family. Little man is a zombie; he's so tired. We are still running on adrenaline today, this last Sunday in May. Don't have much time to write, as we are still doing last minute hauling trips today, cleaning and then unpacking. John's first night in his new home was not stellar. It rained cats and dogs, but first the lightning and thunder woke all of us at midnight. We are hoping to sleep better tonite! It's a beautiful day here today and we're almost finished with this chapter in our lives. We are so content with the peacefulness at the farm. Speaking of peacefulness, we'll not have internet right away...or cable, or phone! So, it will be a quiet week or two until we are able to join the 21st century again. Can't wait to post pictures of all that has happened in the last month!

Love to all and happy summer!