Sunday, December 8, 2013

Introducing Joshua David

Many of you know that we are adopting again! We are so excited to welcome Joshua David (JingWu) into our home. John can't wait to have a little brother. Here is what we announced back in October:

Here's our official birth announcement on FB...we're having a baby boy! Well, technically he's not a baby. But he is a 4 year old boy and he'll always be my baby  He's at Bethel China right now, and has been in Beijing for the past year, so be sure to check them out. It's a wonderful organization doing amazing things for children with vision impairments. Our boy had cataracts and will need glasses and therapy when he comes home. Pictures soon! We'll travel, hopefully, in March! We are so thankful for amazing friends who have been so generous as we've walked this journey. 

Above is the first picture we opened in an email back in October of 2012!

JingWu is the older boy. 

It took one year to complete the paperwork. We hope to travel in March of 2014. 

Drum roll...

We've received a $2,500 matching grant from Lifesong for Orphans! Do you know about the work they are doing? If not, we encourage you to visit their website and check out amazing good works for the Kingdom!

Our Goal Date is January 18, 2014 to raise $2,500. Consider partnering with us to bring Joshua David home! Every gift that you give is matched by Lifesong, dollar for dollar. Lifesong has a partner that underwrites administrative costs, so 100% of your donation will go towards bringing JingWu home. (Funds will be accepted until Joshua David is home.)

There are two ways to make a payment:

1. Send a check made out to Lifesong for Orphans
                                                  PO Box 40
                                                  Gridley, IL  61744

Our account # is Neal 4070 (This has to be included on the memo line.)

2. Make an online donation here:

Select "Give to an Adoptive Family"

Complete the online form and fill in the Family Account Number (Neal 4070) and the Family Name: Neal

Thanks for reading and thank you for your prayers for our family. 
Here's a sweet youtube video of our boy. He's on the far left. We are blessed! 

Bethel China gave JingWu surgery in June.