Thursday, September 16, 2010

Txt: Your new kid is SO cute!!!

My friend, Sara, texted this when she opened up a picture of "our newest kid!" We're not sure yet what to name her. Any ideas?! We'll keep her since the eventual goal for her is to breed for our herd. So, I can get attached.

Recently daddy said we needed to have an "end of the summer treat." Ice cream cones. He told John to "hold it up next to your face." So, he did. Literally.

And, we finally made John's sandbox. If you look hard, you can see little man helping dad. Don't look at the landscaping! Oh wait...what landscaping!?

Charley subscribes to the e-newsletter from Back Yard Poultry magazine. A recent email gave links to two articles, one from Time Magazine and the other from The Wall Street Journal, about chickens.,9171,2001014,00.html


last one is silly! but, funny!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Not to put too fine a "Point" on it

Chris Minor, Nature Conservancy

Several people have recently asked me about the Palisades. What are they? What is the meaning behind "Palisades Point Farm?" Below I'll give a few links with the best information online about the Palisades. But, for us, the Point signifies the land at the which the KY River and Dix River meet. Our farm sits at the top of this point. We look out across the rivers at High Bridge, which connects Jessamine and Mercer counties. We think it's a Norfolk Southern rail line. Whomever uses it, it's always busy! Between the air traffic from the Bluegrass Airport, the railroad across the rivers and boat traffic from the KY River below us, we can always hear the buzz of the world though we are at the "quiet" end of High Bridge Rd here in Garrard County! Somewhere on my computer I have images taken from the air of Palisades Point Farm. The man who bought the land from The Nature Conservancy, Bill Hinkle, of Hinkle-Denmark Landscape Architecture in Lexington, had the pictures taken in the early 2000's.

The Nature Conservancy

These are our neighbors and us! The Sally Brown Nature Preserve. The "threats" section says that unsustainable farms are a contributing factor to the area. We are happy to say that Palisades Point is a "sustainable" family farm, able to increase the area and size of natural habitat and not disrupt, but rather help, the natural ecosystem in central KY.

Bowman's creek runs behind Palisades Point. The hike on foot is amazing! It reminds us of creeks found in the Smoky Mts. of TN and NC.

Thanks for your interest in Palisades Point Farm!

The Neals