Saturday, April 30, 2011


my last post about attachment and bonding I feel like we've come a long way. John is in his twin bed now and if he calls for me in the middle of the night I can go in and sleep with him in comfort - being nearby for a long while instead of a short time in the chair where I could never seem to get comfortable! Charley would go in frequently because I do not, I repeat do not, fall asleep again easily. AT ALL. C on the other hand can pop his head on the pillow and drift off in an instant. John and I seem to be more thankful for eachother, too, due in large part to my dear friend who watches him most Thursdays. Her little boy is just a few months younger than John and they have a lot of fun together. I have also realized an important fact about my little one...he is excitable. He may not always show it. But, he needs days to wind down and sleep off a visit from the grandparents, for example. He gets so excited beforehand that he doesn't sleep well and then he is so excited during a visit or event. So afterwards he is a mess! And, he's sometimes a mess in the middle too! I gather that's normal for a lot of kids and it comes with the age. But, I do realize that my son is very sensitive and super aware of and to many things - noises, music, sounds, emotions, feelings, etc. Ahh, the joys of parenthood. Learning about life with a little human being is humbling and challenging and rewarding. And some more stuff better left unsaid :).

The grass is green, there is too much rain, and spring has sprung. Bless the South and the destruction they are facing. Our high winds and thunderstorms have been so bad this month of April 2011. My friends text me to "go to cover!" when the sirens sound in town. We don't hear them this far out in the country. This has been one time I've been thankful for our lack of trees nearby - no worries about downed limbs and creaking trees.

John has started to call us "mom" and "dad" every once in awhile. We don't like this! And, he's learning names and places. He loves the grocery store - notably *Kroger...probably b/c that's one of the few places mommy takes him frequently! And, he asks us our names all of the time.

"What's your name mommy?" "What's your name, daddy?" The first time he asked I made the mistake of thinking it was so wonderful that I gave him our real names. So, then he asked about his grandparents names and repeated them. Over and over. And again and again. So cute. But, now I just stick with the simple answer.

It's been awhile since I've blogged, I realize. But, better late than never I guess. Wasn't the *Royal Wedding amazing!? I was hooked and still am...going back and watching stuff I've recorded. We are getting rid of most of our cable channels soon and I'm so glad we still had *TLC for those silly pre-shows! And, the sermon was so meaningful...praying blessings on them as they start a tough life. Well, not too tough, I guess - what with servants, fancy cars, chefs, and blah, blah, blah. I was really humbled to hear they will spend their first year alone in the country - no frills. Well, that is, after the 6 week honeymoon on a private island. LOL