Thursday, November 12, 2009

All about Fall

We try to visit daddy at the College on Friday's for lunch. This afternoon we stayed in town, joined some friends for dinner and took some pictures on the green. The leaves were fun and even though John was tired, he was a trooper. We're not adamant about him going to our college, but it would be a neat tradition.

Cutest Pumkin in the Patch, thanks to Gaga!

I couldn't resist including this one of our black cat, Binx, with our fall arrangement. We don't usually let the cats in, but when he scooted inside the door he went straight for this table.

~ ~ ~ ~
Take a look at this amazing edible-vegetable flower arrangement! My friend Erin made it for a baby shower we threw for our friend, Sara. Erin and her husband own a small deli and coffee shop and they cater...go here to see The Porch. And, the cake was made by a family member of another cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A post in pictures...

Helping daddy with the mini-barn

Barn before

Barn after

Finishing touches on my grandmothers chandelier

Fireplace after

Fireplace before



Bare walls