Friday, December 12, 2008

Old Fashioned Christmas

Go here,, and see some neat pictures of our annual hometown Christmas get-together. Ok, so only the first 2 pictures are relevant to our family and friends. Although, the Waggoners sure are a cute family! Back to last weekends festivities...we ate a Turkey dinner with the Wymans and their friends (we knew a few too) and then briskly walked downtown in the cold and a little snow for fellowship and hot chocolate. It was a clear, beautiful night and we surely enjoyed being a family of 3 this year! This weekend we are going to finish decorating our tree and will prepare for my family to come up to this southernmost northern state! (I like to pretend I'm still living in the South, but in truth, Kentucky is just stuck in between - with cold weather in the winter, enough snow to keep this cold-blooded girl indoors, and less-than-polite kentuckians that choose a matter-of-fact tone over true southern charm. I can't say that too loud lest they hear me.) Have a great weekend!


The Waggoners said...

Hey Jackie -- thanks for the shout out and link to our pics! I should have posted more (and used my good camera)! Missed you guys on Monday! The other day Ellie saw a picture of a baby and said, "Baby John? Baby John?"

allier said...

Charlie and Jackie!!! Oh my GOSH! It is Allie and Hyrum!