Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello! My husband served a reality Celeb today! We're sitting here in the family room watching tv tonite and he says, "Oh, hey, I forgot to tell you...I served Eric from MTV today." Excuse me? Elaborate? He thought this guy looked familiar and after Eric left, Charley's coworkers asked who served the guy from MTV.

Eric is the dude in the middle. He's most recently been on the Gauntlet.
Not that I have seen it or anything.

It's not really that big of a deal, but I thought it was worthy of a little post.

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Amy said...

It is definitely worthy of a post regardless of how impressed you were. It is something out of the ordinary that doesn't happen very often. If I had facebook several years ago, my status may have stated at one time or another that I had just seen Mayor Daley or Richard Roeper or Mark Suppelsa while in Chicago.