Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All about the best Blessing...Adoption!

At our Adoption Support meeting on Monday night we listened to a recap of a talk our friend and fellow adoptive parent gave recently. Nathan is committed (now you are!) to posting a Fatherhood Fridays collection on their blog. Go, it's great!

We also learned of a few great links that I wanted to share. The first is a Youtube* clip by Eric Ludy called Depraved Indifference. So beautiful there are almost no words.

And, I've heard that Mary Beth Chapman's new book, Choosing to See , is amazing as she recounts her life story of love, loss, adoption, hope, and above all, God's glory.

Today, in an email, our dear friends who introduced us to international adoption linked up to this article about attachment. It's a great website in general!

Another one folks! This website is dedicated to providing a compilation of the best of the best about adoption found online. Thanks, Cydil, for introducing us to this site!

I have another recommendation from Charley's cousin - I just have to get in my email to find it again! I'll save it for another day...

Blessings to each of you today! Charley's parents are coming in town tomorrow to visit and work so I need to run and work on getting this messy house clean!


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