Monday, January 30, 2012

Taiwan, Here we come!!!!!!!!!

This is my (Charley) first post!!!!!! We had a good trip from the farm to Chicago, besides being stuck in some traffic for an hour.  God has given us such a peace and excitement for what He has called us to do that it was not as hard as we expected to leave our small piece of creation.  My parents had asked us a week or so ago where we would like to eat while we were here.  They wanted to treat us to a last "home" meal before we left.  It was no debate in my mind, Chicago style pizza, yum!!!!  Jackie is not the biggest fan, but she graciously agreed.  We had a great time together, it was very nice, thank you mom and dad!!!!

So keep us in your prayers as we head to O'hare airport mid-morning. It has been three years since we have really flown a long distance and I am hoping I don't have to have one of those x-ray, body scan things.  I haven't kept up on all they do now, so not sure what to expect.

Our scheduled departure is 2:20 pm central time and we travel 16 hours to Hong Kong.  Then we have an hour and a half layover before flying over to Taipei, only an hour and a half flight.  The Home of God's Love is approx. 2 hours south from Taipei by car ride.  Our flight gets in at 10:30 pm Wed. It will be so great to see someone from the Home waiting at the other end of our journey. Then, the real fun begins! We appreciate each of you so much. Thank you for your prayers - we have felt them every step of this road. Will update again as soon as we are able.

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