Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rough Week

     It's been a pretty rough week here for us. John got sick last Sunday, one week ago today, with a fever of 101 and then 103. In addition, he began to have diarrhea and stomach cramps. I went into to the Home on Monday and quickly returned back to our apartment to take care of him. Then, I began to get sick on Monday and am now on day 7 of whatever this is. By last Thursday we were going stir crazy and it was a mild day with little rain so we went to a park in town. It was beautiful and refreshing to see something different. But, it was not so fun to be sick in the middle of this public park where the facilities were less than desirable. And, of course, there is an issue of purchasing toilet paper for the restrooms or bringing our own. The restrooms were out of tp and we had only brought a small amount along thinking that we could buy some if we were stranded. And, all were squaty potties except the handicapped room. Needless to say we were exhausted and napped well when we returned to our apartment.

     Thankfully, John is over his sickness, we hope! His bowels are slowly starting to return to a normal state and his fever and stomach cramps have been gone for several days. His energy level and appetite have steadily picked up too.

     Did I mention that I am on day 7 of being sick?! It's taking it's toll and I am discouraged. I have been in the bed most of the time. The cramping comes in waves...once an hour usually. I was able to sleep through the night last night. I am going to the doctor/hospital tomorrow, Monday. I don't feel that dehydrated and I don't think they will offer me anything worthwhile. Maybe that is pessimistic. If only I had brought Cipro with us, we might not be suffering for so long. I will just have to get up and go over to help at the Home soon because I feel useless and ridiculous.

     Charley has stayed healthy almost all 5 weeks, thankfully! He is our rock. The rock might be a bit cranky from taking care of two sickies for so long, but he is keeping it together and trying to pull us through.

     Last Friday I went over to the Home to work. It was sunny and I washed toys. The girls brought the babies out for some sunshine and fresh air and the ladies cleaned inside. That afternoon Charley ran to the bank in town. I was fixing John and I a banana and apple in the kitchen. In the time that it took me to cut up the fruit John had gone out the front gate and walked over to the Lake by himself. It is about 1/2 mile to the street venders. That is where several housemothers found him after the whole Home had been searching for him. Thankfully, they volunteered to hop on their motorcycle and go look for him. I did not have transportation because Charley had gone to the bank with the car. I was already pretty tired and that just put me over the edge. By that evening we were so wiped out that John and I fell asleep on the couch in the living room.

I'll update soon about what the doctor says on Monday. I'm really looking forward to it. Can you hear the sarcasm and optimism?

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Erin said...

Jackie I have been praying for you guys all week! Thank you for posting such an authentic post! So thankful that nothing terrible happened on John's "adventure"!!!!

Keep your chin up and your eyes fixed on the One who has called you all. The enemy is against all that our God is for including what you have all picked. Thankfully we are not left to fight on our own or without armor!! He is our Strong Tower and our Defense.

We are praying mightily!!