Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring on the Farm

     It's so hot it feels like summer, not spring! And, the bugs are out in full force this year because we had such a mild winter. But, I'm not complaining. I love the warm weather. I love the new buds on the rose bushes, the green, green grass as far as the eye can see, and the longer days filled with dirt and hard work.

     New life brings hope for the future. My birthday was April 26th and 90, count 'em, 90 chicks arrived in the mail. We'll have loads of farm fresh eggs to sell starting in September. When we had 45 + laying hens last year we could not keep the eggs "on the shelves." The demand for r-e-a-l food is great. As we've set goals for this 2012 growing season we always keep in mind what the consumer wants. And, since we are consumers ourselves, we believe we have a pretty good idea of the kinds of foods people want. Factory farms cannot produce the kind of nutrition we all deserve. Foods grown locally always bring peace-of-mind, wholesome nutrition, and satisfaction ~ knowing that you have given the family farmer a chance to succeed and even thrive.

Visit our new farm site at Palisades Point Farm

Join us at the local Wilmore Farmers Market this 2012. 

May ~ October brings local growers to your doorstep... 

...from our Farm to your Table.

For the past 3 years, together with our parents, we've worked hard to build this...

and this...

Now it's time to build our farming future, set goals, and dig in for more hard work!

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