Friday, October 31, 2008

A dear friend whom we met through our adoption group happens to be an amazing photographer and she took some exceptional pictures of our family this past week! We are blessed to be involved in the Waggoners lives. Thank you, Cydil, for your great work! If you need a photographer, Cydil is it! She is cool, calm, collected and fun! It was great to see her in such a professional mode, having only known her wit and sweet humor in a crowd of friends! John was a cranky guy the evening of our shoot, but she made him giggle and crack a smile or two. Go here,, to her blog for a few more fun pictures she shot of us!


Rachel said...

We looked at the pictures last night after you posted the link on facebook and they are just amazing! Such a beautiful and blessed family!

fierybutterfly08 said...

Aww! The pictures are so cute! Y'all look so happy and I'm so happy for you!!! :O)