Friday, October 24, 2008

100% Sold

It's almost been a month since John has officially been a U.S. citizen! And, since I think pictures speak louder than words I want to share some of our trip in Taiwan with you. However, our internet speed stinks. So, I'll have to wait. But, in the meantime I'll tell you a little about our weeks since we've been home.

Our family and friends have been so generous to John. Every day we've been greeted with a new treat - meals, packages in the mail, thoughtful gifts, and more. I'm listening to John snore a little bit while I write. He is the most precious child - I know ever parent thinks that. And, I guess that's the beauty in your own child - God makes them so unique to each family. We thought we loved children before...but, we had no idea of the love of a parent! We can see ourselves in John in so many ways - he is quiet, gentle, likes people but needs his alone time, loves to hear us read aloud, enjoys music and theatre ('s attempt at thinking she's an actress), loves to laugh but reserved much of the time too, etc. He is a gracious host and loves people, but when he sees mom and dad he lights up. That is thrilling to us. What is also thrilling is that Charley looked at me today and said, "I think I love him more than I love you." Ok. So, I know you are thinking, "huh?" I know what he meant. But, I have to say, the three of us are bonding so well. After having 7 foster children and attaching to them and then unattaching it's been, well, to say the least...excruciating! And, to hear my dear husband say those words was like music to my ears b/c he's finally allowing himself to fall in love. I don't think it's totally sunk in yet - that he is ours and we are a family forever - on earth and in heaven. Our hearts are sold 100% on John. But, our minds are slowly catching up.

This post has turned into a Jackie's Journal. Funny how that happens.

Going back to our weeks together - we visited a pumpkin patch and picked out three pumpkins - a large (daddy), medium (me) and a small (little man). We've waited so long to do that! And, I know it sounds corny, but it really was all I had hoped! We've taken lots of walks, picked up leaves and John's had fun crunching them up in his little fingers. We've visited his Dr. and she was duly impressed with him and the care he received in the Home. Of course! John has crawled from the living room to the kitchen on his own. And, the other day, while I was in the kitchen intent on my pumpkin bread, I looked around the corner and found he had used the ottoman to pull himself up. He was just standing there looking up at me, so proud of himself. And, when he sees me he smiles. Big. And, sometimes there is a giggle with the smile. He's saying mama and dada and papa and baba and more gurgles than we can count.

Enough. I could go on and on. We are all madly in love. That is the bottom line!

Signing off now. Love to all.



April said...

That is so exciting Jackie! I can't wait to see more pictures. I can't leave the room without Lilli having a meltdown!

Kirsten said...

My husband and I would love to find out more information on this adoption agency. If you could email us back that would be great. We are friends of Nathan and Cydil.