Monday, November 3, 2008


I thought I would share a few of our pictures from Taiwan. Below is a typical meal. We ate at round tables in a small dining hall with the older children in the Home. It was so nice to be part of their 'family' for a time.

We piled a little of everything in our own small bowl (on the left in the picture) and then finished off all of it with a little soup. The apple/pear fruit in the forefront of the table is dessert.

The Home is near a beautiful lake and we were able to walk and bike around it (about a mile) several times. The weather was, of course, hot and humid. Just the way I like it! In the distance is a Buddhist temple.

Above is Anna with John's completed paperwork and passport!

Bev and Ted with John!

The Home

The Home from a distance


Kweku and Laura said...

Thanks for sharing! I bet it was so excited to finally have John in Taiwan and to see where he'd been living!

HisTaiHens said...

Congrats on being home! I can't wait to meet them all in person - what a great and emotional meeting - seeing that place and those people!! That will happen soon for us too! We have faith and trust!