Saturday, November 29, 2008


Thanks for still checking up on us even tho we disappear for weeks at a time!

Whew! The month of November has been a whirlwind for our new family. We are looking forward to December...maybe things will slow down a little?!?! Ha. Sure! In the beginning of November Charley's (paternal) Grandmother Neal passed away. She was such a sweet lady and followed her husband home to the Lord. We traveled up to Illinois and then Iowa - the funeral was lovely and it was a dear time to spend with family as we visited them with John for the first time. Below is a picture of Grandma Adelaide, Charley's maternal grandmother who traveled over from her town in Iowa to the funeral about an hour away. The quilt on her lap is one that she and Charley's mom made for John. Great to see the 4 generations together all in one picture!

After heading home for a week or two, our dear friends threw us a Welcome Home shower! It was so fun and such a sweet time with great food and lots of fun. There were several little children there and they had so much fun playing together. John loves his friends!

Next we traveled to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. It was so fun watching our precious boy see his Grandpa and Grandmama Wells for the first time. He went right to them, as if he'd known them forever! He grinned and giggled and was totally charming. It was also wonderful to see how attached he is to his mommy and daddy. My Aunt Cis and Uncle Norman were down from North Carolina too! We took lots of walks in the warmer GA sun -it was such a sweet time with family. I have pics I'll share from the weekend soon!

P.S. The only thing about this blogging thing is that you have to be organized to accomplish it well...hmmm....needless to say I'm not the most organized. Just hang in there with me!

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