Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Babies, Dirt, & Pillows (not one of my best titles, I know)

In an email this morning a friend asked if we wanted to buy some herbs for $2 from the Berea College Greenhouse. Support a local student-funded college, get cheap herbs, and buy from a local greenhouse instead of "the man?!" Well, yes! Sign me up! Below is the link to the site if you are interested in more information.

Currently, my son has brought his bathroom stool out to the kitchen and climbs up to stand eye-level with the countertops. He likes to say "boo" to me as he pops up. Hmmm....I'm thinking I'm impressed with his ingenuity, but a little irate at the little fingers that investigate everything in site. If I'm silent he'll move on, I've learned. All I have to give is "the look." Leah, my dear friend, knows "the look." She invented it! Her beautiful, precious baby girl was born recently...Saidey Lynne!

We have made some progress in the yard since the weather has warmed up a bit. We've added 6 new boxwoods (I pulled up just as the local nursery truck was pulling up his ramp after unloading the plants to the store. I was so excited!), 2 dark pink knock-out rose bushes, and some plants we had saved and wintered in a small plot in our garden: day lilies, lariope, and hydrangea.

Yesterday, a few local farmers came over to plow a larger garden area than we had last year. We tried no-till last year. It went ok. The soil needs more work that we had thought, though. So, we are tilling once this second year. Then, never again! We'll run over it with a smaller tiller and work the soil well. Then, create beds, paths, etc. The concept of no-till is that the compost and materials added to the soil over time enrich it far more than stripping it each year and disturbing the rich nutrients already there. That's my "gardening for dummies" interpretation, folks.

Below are some pillows that Grandma Neal made for our bed recently! I had found a curtain that I was using for our shower curtain and it just wasn't working out. So, I asked Grandma Neal to use it to create pillows for our bed. This is what she came up with! Aren't they cool?!

John is headed toward an early nap time so that we can go visit our friends, Sara and baby Hannah and Erin and Braden for a play date at a park in Wilmore. It's supposed to be 67 degrees Here in the Bluegrass today!

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Lisa said...

Sorry I missed your little guy's birthday!!

He looks SO happy....choo choo...we love Thomas here too!!

Wishing all happy days ahead!