Monday, March 29, 2010

"Bank, file"

I sat down at the computer, ready to write, and have not had an inspiration. Wait! Here it is! Ahh...sometimes it just takes those few words for the fingers and brain to connect. John and I had to run some errands this morning and when we pulled up to our destination he looked across the street and noticed there was a "bank." I was impressed with my two year old. (Perhaps he will be a great financier :). ) We went inside to, uhhmmm, take care of some business. (Pay a speeding ticket at the lesser amount which means I have to go to traffic school to keep the points - whatever those are - off of my license.) John again impressed me with his brain power this morning as he looked around the County Clerks office and said, "files." Well, sure, the entire office was filled with 'em. But, I didn't know my two year old was that observant nor that he even knew what a "file" was!
So, there goes any inspiration out the window again...I'll be off now to order our seeds and plants for the garden. the way...our chicks were born today! The Mille Fleurs didn't hatch. But, the Cochin (which are my favorites) are fine and the laying hens are well too! They should arrive in the mail tomorrow!!!!

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