Monday, June 7, 2010

Johnny is, at 27 months:
* saying 4-5 word sentences
* refers to himself as I
* eats like a horse - anything and everything
* is very active, (to say the least)
* has more energy than mommy's little toe
* talks more than mommy and daddy do in a day
* loves tractors with a passion
* travels better
* wants to investigate everything - how it works, how it's put together, why it does what it does
* plays outside in the garden with us for countless hours
* still loves his daddy fiercely

After graduation, Gaga, mommy and John traveled to Atlanta for a week. Grandma and Grandpa Neal came to stay at the house and do lots of work while we were away, so we returned home to lots of finished flooring, working locks, closets and walls upstairs, AC upstairs, freshly mowed grass and much more. Below are pics of our week and I'll include pics of the upstairs soon!

My little man in Pottery Barn Kids

He loved the *pink* kitchen! Color didn't matter...he spent almost 45 minutes working in the kitchen. Yes, that long...maybe he'll be a chef.

We went to my folks downtown park in Duluth and played in the water fountain!

A new friend

The month of May flew by with loads of activity. John got sick at the end of our stay in Atlanta, and he's still catching up on missed sleep! When he's awake, he goes full steam ahead. But, for the moment, he's blissfully sleeping and I have a few minutes to myself. In the coming weeks we are preparing for Charley's brothers visit! We are so excited to see him - it's been several years since they have returned to the States from teaching ESOL in Macedonia. It will be the first time we will meet Kayla, their 6 month baby girl! We are over the moon with excitement and anticipation!

Hope your week is great!

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arsenalfamily said...

What cute pics! How fun! You'll have to post pics of y'all with Kayla!