Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Catch Up

It's been awhile since my last post. 2 months to be exact. We've been a little bit in town, shuffling of stuff upstairs to make room for drywall in the guest room, Trick or Treats on Main in Wilmore, Thanksgiving, raising Auracauna chicks, taking down the garden and moving the hens in to scratch it up, and more. We joined our local church several Sundays ago and could not be happier with our new church home! That first picture is John with my folks, his Gaga and Papa!

John and Daddy with Shawnee and her little girl, Katie, also from THOGL!

Our little tiger

John and Daddy making funny foil hats

My baby chicken enjoying a new baby chick

Charley's Uncle and Aunt came for a visit!

An update on egg sales is due: we sell out each week! Praise the Lord! Our hens are still laying 2 1/2 dozen eggs/day. It's been said that winter months bring molting and less laying with the loss of light, but we are thankful that our hens are still laying consistently.

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Future Mama said...

Your son is so adorable! We are just starting our own international adoption journey, and loved looking through some of your old posts :-)

Happy New Year!