Wednesday, September 28, 2011


...of my life in the past several days:

1. After not seeing my little Ninja for awhile I went looking for him. As I rounded the corner to the laundry room I saw him peeking out at me from behind the door. With a BIG. FAT. CHOCOLATE. ring around his mouth.  He had been in the freezer eating a chocolate popcicle. (our deep freeze is under the stairs in a closet)

2. I was told that my little man does not like Sesame Street. "Why not?" I asked. "Because it's funny," he said. After thinking for a minute, I asked, "do you mean because it's silly?" He replied, "uh, huh."
Isn't that the point, ladies and gentlemen (?), I thought to myself. The mind of a 3 year old. Go figure.

3. We found a front-row parking space at the grocery store. "Thank you Jesus!!," says my sweet boy.

4. On an elevator going to the dr.'s office a nice lady notices J's monkey backpack and comments on it. Then she says, "are you a little monkey?!" J gives her a long look and politely says, "no." But, I know my boy's mind...while he is being polite he is also thinking, "is she crazy?!"

5. J's favorite question is...drumroll please..."why?" I think I hear that an average of 43,572 each day.

6. He leaves off the 's' on words and cannot yet grasp the 'th' sound. So, "snack" sounds like "nack." And, "thank" sounds like "tank" and "stick" sounds like "tick." I could go on. But, I'll save all of us the embarrasment.

Only a few of the funniest things we've encountered in our precious lives the past few days.

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