Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh my!

It's been forever since I've posted! We have been working fast and furiously on our house. Plumbing is in and electric is almost completed. We've done loads of little stuff here and there also. It's coming along nicely and we hope to be able to hit our target move-in date even if trim isn't finished, etc. We're looking at kitchen cabinetry now and that is tons of fun! John has made friends with every single Lowe's sales associate. Literally. They see us coming and smile and wave. Below are a few pictures that our dear THOGL friends (who are just plain friends now!) took at John's birthday.

Taking it pretty easy

Digging in deeper

A complete mess

I think he enjoyed his birthday cake as much as his crowd of cheerleaders enjoyed watching him devour it! Our friend, Sue, encouraged him with, "John, where is your head?" It was all over!

I've also been working on a Shutterfly album of our journey to John. Thanks to Jyll for her inspiration at her little boy's birthday party a few weeks ago, I finally made myself finish our book. You can find it here: I have to add members, so send me an email and I'll add you! Thanks to several THOGL friends we've made over the past year, the pictures we collected and added are such a wonderful depiction of Taiwan. We didn't get to travel around the island as much as others. So, we appreciate and are thankful for pictures that others have shared of their travels!



April said...

Is that Caleb with John? They are both so big!

The Waggoners said...

Please add me to your Shutterfly gallery so I can view your book! Good for you for doing one and getting it done! ;-) You'll love it forever!
I'd love to see some house pictures when you have a chance!

Amy said...

John is asking him how he got so much hair.

Miller's Missions said...

I'd love to look at your album and I think they are asking your for me if you'll let us on since I tried to get on. Thanks! Can't wait. I need ideas for my own books too so it's a double whammy!

Lisa said...

Oh, so happy to see this update! You guys have been BUSY and with all wonderful things! Can't wait to see pics. of the finished house! How exciting!

Baby John is just too cute for words...well, actually I can think of several....cute, adorable, handsome, gorgeous....I could keep going too! :)

Thanks for sharing!