Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, I don't journal, though I probably should. You'll say the same after reading what I have to say next. Two facts: first, my personality type is an INFJ, & second, certain personality traits just come with my genes. Therefore I have accepted several facts about myself. It takes me a little while to process some things. I think I've come a long way in defeating the ugly monster in me that wants to lash out when I'm hit with something that I just can't deal a bad driver in front of me, or an instant change in plans that life throws my way. And, I have accepted the fact that I am a loner. I just like my privacy, my alone time (which I can't have too much of), and I have had none of that since becoming a mommy. Now, please don't read into that. It is what it is. I love mommyhood. But, I cherich (and I know we all do) those several hours in the evening after I've put little man to bed. I can do what I'm doing now, blog. Or, I can surf on the www. Or I can veg in front of the tv. Or, I can sit on the porch in the cool evening and read a good book. It takes so much for me to break the silence and call a friend. BUT, I'm always so glad to talk to a dear friend and laugh and commiserate on life. I just don't do it enough. (I can hear you all groaning in acknowledgment. Hush.)
On to my point. Today I could not deal. First, my coffee pot acted up. It kept shutting off mid-brew! What!? Oh. Back up. FIRST, I woke up at 3am to little man crying b/c he was hungry. 14 months. Need I say more? Oh, ok, I will b/c maybe I need to vent a little. He's teething - can't see or feel any teeth after 3 or 4 weeks of this contstant drool. He's becoming "the man." Or, so he thinks. It's cute and a point. After awhile I'm over it. He's become bored with his toys. (I spent all of yesterdays naptime rearranging and organizing his toys so that it would be like Christmas morning. He was excited for an afternoon and evening. Now he's over the excitement. Geesh.) His eating likes/dislikes are changing. And, while it's new and neat for both of us at times, it's maddening for mommy at other times. I think that's it. Back to my morning. I came downstairs to dirty dishes that both hubs and I had left in the sink overnight. Ick. I am trying SO hard not to do that since becoming a mommy! (You know, the whole do as I say, don't do as I do thing I'd love to beat. Yeah right.) Then, my boy was so cranky today! He was tired at least a whole hour before his morning nap. But, I can't risk putting him down b/c if I don't time it just right he'll stay awake crying. Bless his heart. No, wait, bless mine. I had to go get my blood drawn today for my 6 month thyroid check-up. And, lo and behold I arrive (at John's afternoon naptime) and discover that my dr. has ordered a 10 hour fast for blood work, cholesterol, etc. My hubs made the appt. for me and failed to mention the fasting part. I was not pleased. I spoke calmly, but firmly to the receptionist and told her in no uncertain terms that I have never had to fast in all my years of having yearly check-ups. I then called my husband to ask him if anyone had mentioned fasting on the phone when he made the appointment. Silence. Then, "oh, you're going to kill me." Yep. I returned to the receptionist to appologize for my husbands gross error. She had already sent the dr. out by this time. We agreed to check cholesterol another time. Yeah. THEN, I arrived at the blood bank. (It was a new blonde chick. She was ok. Nice, I'll give her that.) As I left the office I smelled something suspiciously like a dirty diaper. Wonder who that could be? So, we pulled over and stopped to change. Laura, are you sure you are ready for motherhood?! Little man had had the BIGGEST #2 I have ever seen. It soaked his pants, his shirt, all the way down his leg and onto the stroller. I just stared. I was in shock! I've never had anything like that happen (in public)! And, I've stopped carrying a change of clothes (we were only gone from the house for an hour and a half!) b/c he's so GOOD and never has accidents! This. Is. My. Day. By the way...there wasn't a changing area in any of the bathrooms so the lap was it. And, I thought I WAS totally grossed out. The socks ended up with some grossness on them. So, my boy was naked for a large part of the ride through the medical building. Before we went outside I bundled him up in his sweater and my sweatshirt. Cute.

Another little gem from the day: the lady behind our apartment likes to walk her dog in OUR backyard. Yes, folks, you guessed it...she walks him for the sole purpose of going to the pottty. I asked her to please pick up her dog's poo, as our children (many) play in OUR backyard. She meandured on back to her home, dog in tow, and eventually came back with a plastic bag. Ick.

So, are you thinking right now that I should begin to journal? You don't want to hear any more of this type of thing, do you?! I don't blame you. I wouldn't either.

As Scarlett always said, "Tomorrow's another day."
It can't come soon enough.


SassyTimes said...

...and they all say "welcome to motherhood" ;)

We've all had days like this, so we understand!!! I enjoy the silence at the end of the day too...I think you have to be a mommy to fully understand how precious silence is.

Oh...and I thought we were done with the poop blowouts too...until I got a blowout that ended up covering my entire hand! I washed my hands about 10,000 times. YUCK!

Q. and La. said...

Oh awesome! We should totally be friends Jackie ;)! I'm so looking forward to hanging out with you in Iowa, even if you like your alone time... as do I! I guess what I can learn from this is to keep a roll of paper towels in my diaper bag as well as a change of clothes? Oh dear, how terribly nasty! Motherhood here I come!

Rachel said...

I never knew just how similar we are! I desperately need my alone time, too, and with two kids I almost never get it. Though I've adjusted pretty well this past year and half (almost) considering.

Sorry you had such a frustrating day! :( Hope today is better!

Amy said...

I too like my alone time, which is pretty much all the time. So in IA, we can hang alone together.

Anonymous said...

I may be old but I can so remember days like that. I still enjoy my alone time.

If you want to journal please do it online. You make me smile.