Friday, April 17, 2009


Today was better...much better. Library reading time with little man and several of his friends, then Kroger for some yummy foods, then lunch with 2 special friends. Not finished yet! Then on to the farm to enjoy the beautiful day (with a little insulation dust floating around too) and my family. Needless to say my boy and I were wiped o.u.t. We came home, ate, and fell into bed. Totally made up for yesterday!

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Lisa said...

Oh my gosh...I am a bit two had quite a day(previous post) and that might be an understatement! Yikes! The only silver lining is that it makes all the days that follow so much more joyful and easy! :)

And it looks like in between there has been loads of joy! LOVE his photographs ( 2 posts back!) and he is so darling! And your Easter photos and eggs were beautiful!

BTW, I too adore every moment of Mamahood and still relish the quiet of evenings......

Thanks for sharing!!
:) Lisa