Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mom Neal took this picture of John in the garden two weekends ago. He helped me yesterday as I mowed and trimmed and weeded. He is such a good helper. We've had to show him several times, however, that picking the tomatoes before they are ripe is a "no, no." (He likes to collect them like they are rocks.) The shadows are longer and darker these days and the sunsets even more beautiful. It's so cool in the mornings, too. 2/3 of the farm was mowed yesterday and my allergies are going HaYwIrE! But, I'm thankful that most of it is finally done!

Since we lost our two Buff Orpington hens to a fox last month, our neighbor volunteered to give us a few of her laying hens. The one Black Star hen that survived has been so funny the past several weeks. She stays close to the house and to the cats even though they have a love/hate relationship. Anytime she spots a human she runs to them. She likes for me to "pet" her on a regular basis and if I haven't she seeks me out and talks to me. She has all of these different noises that she makes - from a cluck to a thing she does with her throat that is so quiet that I have to listen carefully to hear her. She's a sweet girl. But, she's still a chicken :).

This weekend we spent some time making our "chicken tractor." Here is an example of one that gives a basic idea of our concept. Ours is square and larger, however.

We still need to attach wheels. But, this will work for now to hold the few hens that we do have. The eggs that our Black Star is laying are large. We think the hens from our neighbor will produce medium eggs since that is what the slightly smaller Buff's layed.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I love it!
Keep it up

Q, La, and Gooner said...

OH, I like pictures! Why would you put wheels on the chicken house?

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering where the steering wheel is going to be. And which chicken gets to steer.
-- Dad

Charley and Jackie said...

You people are all crazy.