Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sesame, a shock, and sarcasm

Ok. Ok. Clearly, Lisa is the only sane one in the bunch. Sesame Street names are mommy's first preference as of 10 o'clock on Thursday morning. (By the way, did anyone notice that I said "happy Wednesday" on Tuesday's post!? Yikes.)

This post will be short as the 'rents are AGAIN coming into town. They are abusing their priviledges. I had no idea what retirement would do to/for them. But, it's evident they take great delight in traveling and particularly to see their grandson. With Charley working a lot I am thankful for them!

Gotta clean, clean, clean. The house has sorely lacked my touch for the past several days b/c all I can do is moan and groan while I nurse my weeping eyes, running nose and clogged head thanks to the ragweed and whatever else is lurking around outside.

Does anyone have the Sprout channel on their tv? It's nice. And, I like it a lot for John - we keep it on for company sometimes. But, I will be glad when, what I consider, the cheese of this period of my life is over. I try so hard to hold my sarcasm in around John b/c I've heard it's not all that healthy for babies :) If only an adult were around when the monster strikes me...
And, don't get me started on Barney.

Oh, I haven't told you what happened to me the other day! John and I decided to take a walk as we waited for our neighbor and the hens. John was strapped in his hiking backpack on my back. As I reached for the electric fence handle to open the gate I put my hand on the t-post that the gate is attached to...and, you guessed it, I got the shock of my life, literally. It was so powerful it took my breath away. I coughed and sputtered and then was as mad as a hornet. Thankfully John didn't feel a thing. He started mimicking my cough as soon as the crisis was over, though. It was kinda funny. I have learned my lesson...I won't ever hold on to the post as I open the gate again. I might refrain from opening the gate for the next several days. Yes, that's the best idea.

Today, Cookie Monster will be driving the chicken tractor and Bert will be his co-pilot.


Q, La, and Gooner said...

OUCH! That is not cool! Sorry about the allergies!

Lisa said...

*grin* Eek! That is scary that I'm the sane one :) cuz I tend to comment later in the evening(when the chickadees are sleeping!) and I'm not always at my peek! LOL & yikes yikes yikes on the shock!!

Enjoy your weekend with the rents! Its so fun to watch our parents be so splendidly silly and unparent-like with these babies!!
Just sign me Elmo :)~