Wednesday, September 2, 2009

With the house finally under a manageable workload, Charley and I are relaxing a little more these days. Last evening we spent a little time watching our new hens. The below pics are not ours, but they give a good idea of what our new hens look like. Names, anyone??? We aren't very original...I suggested "Big Red" and "Little Red" for the two red hens and Charley suggested "Stripey" for the black and white Barred Rock hen. Wow. Not our finest moments. So, any suggestions for names would be appreciated. We also have a Black Star, who guessed it, black, and a Buff Orpington, whose color is nude, like panty hose. She is very unoriginal in her appearance. Though, I'm sure God would disagree. And, upon further inspection, any chicken is anything but unoriginal in appearance. And, if we don't have suggestions from our loved ones, they will be named Faye, Laura, Bob and Leah :).

Barred Rock hen

Rhode Island Red hen

My son has cheese on his head. I think I'd better return to the land of motherhood.


Lisa said...

Well, how about Sesame street names so that your little guy can call them all by name! :) Elmo, Zoe, Abby, Big Bird...*grin*, Cookie(monster) and so on!

Oh wait, I just showed the hens to Tyler and he's making a "Pip" and "Peep" type sound! Yes, clearly any insights from this SAHM Mama are gonna be suspect! lol
I can't wait to see what other folks contribute and I'm sure whatever you pick will be great!
:) Glad to hear all is well! Lisa

fairbetty said...

How about Hester? Elphie? or Hepzibah? I actually like Hester the best... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Keep the suggestions coming.