Friday, May 30, 2008

June Came Early!

June came early for us this 2008! John's monthly update and pictures arrived today, May 30th, in my inbox. Can you imagine the excitement every time I see the heading "Beverly Skiles, John Neal?!?" Yes, I guess you probably can. It's like waiting on a note from that special person. This is what it's like to be a "new mom." Now I get it. I thought I was in love with Charley...but this is the newest and best kind of love I have ever felt. Charley and I talked last night. (He's in Wisconsin for two weeks.) He is a different person. Seriously. He lives for John. It's beautiful to watch.
Ok, I'll stop gushing and get on with sharing the pictures and note. This month we get a little insight into his personality and temperament! Here's our precious boy!

The note:

"John Neal is doing amazing. He is such a cute baby. He is very relaxed and easy to please. It always looks like he is thinking very hard about something. He has one of the cutest smiles. He eats really well and usually sleeps through the whole night. He loves to play with the other babies on the floor. He is growing so fast. We can't wait till you have him in your arms."

John with one of his caretakers. This was taken on Monday! Today is Friday! I am seeing my baby this week! Yes, I know. I'm a new mom.

John is on the left. I love how his expression says, "Hey, no big deal. You want that one too? It's yours. I don't need that old thing." That's our baby.

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