Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is really new to me...but, it's fun already! I am much better at expressing myself in writing than in person, so this will be an adventure that I think I will love.

We are moving this weekend and we are excited to be back in Wilmore after living in Lexington for the past year. It's been a good, but difficult, year for sure. We fostered precious children in the hopes of being able to adopt. After we finally closed our home with social services in February, we met a wonderful couple through my job that introduced us to the wonderful wide world of overseas adoption. Thanks to Rob and Shawnee Fleenor, our new and fun friends, we are in the process of adopting our son! Yes, I said it. Our son. Whew that feels good. We have been so hesitant to talk about him openly, not knowing if opportunity was too good to be true or not. We think we are pretty near the end of the road toward heading to Taiwan. We are hoping that in just one or two months we will be holding our little man.

Pan Jyan (our son's Chinese name) is called Mr. Pan by his wonderful caretakers at the Home of God's Love in Taiwan. Isn't that cute?! Mr. Pan. Hee, hee. He is our miracle! We are naming him John Jyan William Neal. John is my grandfathers name. William is Charley's middle name and Jyan means "strong and healthy."

John is almost 3 months old. For mothers day we received a card in the mail with his little hand print outlined and a sweet note. We have had the BEST adoption experience ever.

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