Friday, August 8, 2008

Below I've posted a link that I could spend all day touring! I am a little obsessed with beauty when it comes to homes and decorating. As a kid my folks and I would pile in the car (as my mom's family did when she was a child growing up in FL) and ride around Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon and take in the sites. I would usually end up reading in the backseat. But, of course, I've got the bug now that I'm older and wiser :).

This amazing blog has compiled all her blogger friends' homes in one location! Check it out and tell me it's not better than a Sunday drive!

On the right column is also a list of a few celebs homes, nurseries and more! Enjoy!

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Hooked on Houses said...

Nice of you to help me get the word out about the Hooked on House Tours blog party! Thanks so much. Isn't it fun to peek inside all those houses?? -Julia :-)