Monday, August 4, 2008


As many of you know, John's first court was today, August 4th. The words used to describe it were "it went relatively well." The judge hurried through his case as the case before John's was long and arduous. However, she had done her homework on him. We are praying that she is satisfied with the birth mothers answers today as to her inability to care for him and that she will put her seal of approval on the adoption quickly. She has several months to hold his case if she chooses. This is likely. So, I guess stagnant news is better than bad news. I know my tone sounds matter of fact and a little melancholy. That's because that's the way I'm feeling :). Thanks for your prayers and thoughts today!

Here's the latest on our little man:

John is doing very well. He is quite the ladies man. He loves to hold
hands with the other babies. He is smiling a lot more every passing day. He
also loves to touch his toes. He is getting pretty good on his feet. He
loves to bounce on our legs. He is eating very well. He sometimes has
trouble falling asleep but when he gets to sleep he does not wake up till
morning. We love having John with us but we cant wait till he goes home with
you all.

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