Friday, August 1, 2008

Monday, August 4th

This Monday, August 4th, is John's first court date. A lottery between judges is used to decided whom will see each child's case. We ended up with the slow judge. (There are only two judges!) So, more waiting probably...we won't know anything for two weeks after the first court date. August 18th will most likely be the 2nd court date. We don't how much we'll know after August 18th as to when we'll be able to travel. It's all up in the air. What's new!? Pray with us that all goes smoothly on Monday. Oh, pray for our sanity, too!


Anonymous said...

It's closer than it has been before. God can work miracles so let's ask for a miracle - within God's perfect plan.

fierybutterfly08 said...

He's so cute! We are praying for you! He will be home with you SOON :O)