Monday, August 2, 2010


Today is momentous. We have a broody Ameracauna hen. She's our first spring hen from Murray's hatchery to sit on her nest. She is actually setting on eggs that she laid and ones from her friends too. It's so funny to watch...the other hens need to go in and use the next to lay and this is what we see:

They peer in and wait for her to get up. Sorry, ladies, it's not happening anytime soon. We move Ms. Broody off the nest periodically. For awhile our hens escaped out of their yard and managed to strut into mine. That translates to: scratched up mulch, pecked flower bushes and other ick you can imagine near the house. Needless to say we had to put a stop to that. I digress. For awhile we couldn't find where the hens where laying their eggs. We looked high and low. Charley finally found the stash last night...under the wheelbarrow. There were almost 2 dozen eggs! Yikes.

John counted from 1-5 this weekend! He is shy about singing in front of us, but when he's in his bed we hear him to sing his A,B,C's or "Mary had a Little Lamb" or "Row, Row Your Boat." So cute.

This weekend we swapped babysitting with another couple. John had so much fun playing with Katie, 4 and Logan, 1. He talked our ears off about it on the way home Friday night. Then, we sat with the 3 kids on Sat. night. He was exhausted on Sunday and it was definitely a day of rest.

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