Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wed. Wisdom

Grandma McBride recently sent us a little book called "Maple Lane Garden Tips." It's full of wisdom, poetry, recipes and stories about life with a garden. We have been looking with consternation at our tomato plants for the past several weeks. They have yellowed at the bottom and the fruits are not as large. Charley thought to look in the gardening book from Grandma and after much reading discovered that our plants probably have blight. Here is the recipe for a spray. We'll let you know if and when we use it. The recipe says to catch blight early. Since it's already August we may not try to overcome it this year, but at least we'll know what to do for the future:

Dissolve 1 cake Ivory soap in 1 quart water. When dissolved, take from stove and add 4 ounces salt, 4 ounces borax, 3 quarts rain water and 1 pint ammonia. Store in glass jar with lid. Use 1 Tb/1 quart water to spray plants.

Guideposts had this quote that I thought was lovely. It's from reader July Ann Lewis, West Virginia. "Thank you, Lord, for giving us good healthy food to eat and bountiful blessings that make our lives complete. He who eats of holy bread will always find his spirit fed."

So You Think You Can Dance is one our favorite shows. I've had this note posted on my computer for several weeks now and wanted to add a link to a hip hop routine. We are so sad that Alex is out for the season! This routine by the most amazing choreographer, Wade Robson, was amazing also. Ok, so if this link is strangely wrong, please forgive, b/c my computer wouldn't load the clip. I remember it as a performance from Cirque du Soleil.

I had to add a picture just because. Record blistering hot temps again here in ol' KY.
Happy Wednesday

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