Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding in CO

This past weekend Charley and I flew to Colorado to see our friend, Bruno, get married in Pagosa Springs. We flew into Colorado Springs and drove out of town, through the Rockies and along the Arkansas River toward Pagosa. The weather was beautiful...clear and in the 80's during the day and cool, in the 50's, at night. I had never visited CO before and was amazed at the Rocky Mts. They are so vast and huge. They reminded me of the Alps and the Black Forest in places. But, they are also touches of desert in places. So much variety in one mountain range is amazing.

Bruno and Charley have been friends since grade school. Jolynn, his bride, is amazing...they came through KY several months ago and we were able to meet her. They met at Bruno's uncles ski shop where they both work. Her home, family and farm was so fun to visit. The reception was in a beautiful white tent set up next to their garden and barn. We had so much fun and the area was so beautiful that we wished we could have stayed longer.

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