Thursday, June 5, 2008

I just have to add that the camera I carry around with me is so handy. It's a Canon PowerShot and I love it.

Ok, so I'm missing my husband terribly. He's been gone for 13 days now and I feel like a little kid wandering around the empty house aimlessly without anyone to talk to our hug. It's awful. The other night on the phone I counted the amount of time he has been gone this past year. He was over it by the time I even started. So, he was gone for 6, count em', 6 whole weeks. That means, folks, that I saw my husband 10 1/2 months out of an entire year. I 'lost' 6 precious weeks with the love of my life. All right, I'm being overly dramatic. But,'s a big deal when my husband is not just any old husband, he's "the one!" Here's the home he's been staying at...

Well, I shouldn't say he's been 'staying' there in this house per say. He's been staying in one of their guest houses while he works on a multi-level pond and waterfall for them. I guess if I were i paradise, working outside, I wouldn't be so anxious to get home to our little old home either!

He's coming home on Saturday, though. He's not sure when he'll arrive on Saturday - it will all depend on the weather. Because, you see, his company has bought a plane. Yes, folks, you read that correctly. So, his boss is a pilot and flew them up and will go pick them up in Wisconsin on Saturday for the trip home. Considering that I only mildly enjoy a trip on a Big Old Jet Airplane my nerves have been tried a bit when I think of him up in the sky with some dude I don't know. But, then again, I don't know the pilots whose plains I board, either. And, this one he's flying in has two engines. If one goes at least there's a backup.

Now on to two precious things in my life...our son and the peace and tranquility of KY in bloom.

I was recently in contact with a couple who went over to THOGL to pick up their daughter and she took this picture of John! They were there when Ted called us with our referral for John! She just happened to have this picture of him on her computer when she returned to the States. He was about a month old in this picture.

Growing up in Atlanta, there were huge magnolia trees everywhere. We had one in our front yard on Fernleaf Circle and I used to hide out underneath it's huge branches and play "house." It had the best above ground roots and it was perfect for collecting berries and acorns and any other treasure a kid could find. This magnolia is just down the street from our home here in KY, though. I can't wait to show John all of the wonders of God's beautiful world.

This is my mom's gorgeous hydrangea in bloom in Atlanta. I am now going to show you my puny hydrangea that I just planted. The two cannot be compared. It just goes to show what sturdy cultivars can produce.

Last summer I worked at the UK Horticulture South farm and 'graded' hydrangeas. (By the way, without Jess my life would have been miserable.) This would be a 3 on a scale of 1-10. Mom's would - depending on the length of the stem - be a 10. I'm convinced of several things. First, mom's plant has been in the ground for 3 years. This is the third blooming season. It's a sturdier cultivar. And, third, I am good deal younger and not as wise as Mrs. Wells.

I just have to end this post by saying that without good friends, life would not be worth living. And, add a freshly cut field of hay in there too and this city girl is now a happy country gal.

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