Monday, June 30, 2008

This weekend we celebrated our 7 year anniversary by getting John's room complete! Nesting sure has helped my temperament and anxiety. Tonight, to celebrate, we are going to Shakertown, a beautiful farm that has a lake that we like to go to and picnic. I've posted some pics of our weekend efforts and a random picture of the quilt my mom-in-law made for us almost a year ago.

A quilt I made for John

The Frog bedding in John's crib

The nursery!


The Waggoners said...

It's darling! Thanks for sharing!

Casey said...

So glad you have a blog now! Thanks for your posts, I ate them up and felt so nourished and encouraged. thank you for being real and honest, I needed that. Praying for you guys, love Casey

Rachel said...

I love the quilts!

Also, happy 7th anniversary (a bit late!). Adam and I will be celebrating our 7th in October.