Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We have some hot news! Yep, the weather is hot, but so is the news about John! His court date is August 4th! We don't know when we'll travel, but praise the Lord his date is set! His social worker reviewed our case on Monday and all is set for the judge! Yes, it means more waiting. But, we're getting somewhere!

Below are some pics of our hotel and the beach. More to come soon!

Our hotel...pretty huh? It's not a lot to sneeze at, but it's
across the street from the Four Seasons, ha!

The intercoastal waterway - it's been fun to watch the boat traffic!

And, a pic of the room

I have to add this picture for mom. Don't worry - see the spread Charley has to tide him over for the day?!

Can I just say...it is HOT here in sunny Palm Beach, FL. No wonder the locals all head north for the summer. However, since it's the "off season" we are not met with a flood of people at the ocean or pool. It's relaxing and just what the Dr. ordered. Sunday was really restful. We went to the beach, drove around and just enjoyed the day. Today I went to Delray Beach, a fun town on the coast, just off Ocean Dr., St. rd. A1A. It was about a 15 min. drive from our hotel and where my grandfather, and aunt and uncle lived for many years. I took more pictures to come later, but here are a few to tide you over. Charley's job is going well - he left the job at 3pm yesterday! So, we got to spend all of Monday evening together. We even went to the beach again!


Rachel said...

Great pictures! Adam is totally jealous that you guys are down there!! He wants to visit Palm Beach so bad. :) Can't wait to see more pictures.

Oh, and yay!! for good news in regards to John. Hope you hear a travel date soon.

Ripley F. :-) said...

Wow...That looks amazing!!!