Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life Goes On...

I consider myself a pretty tolerant individual. But, this week, driving around in South FL has me wound up about a few things. Can I share with you my Top 10? I tend toward a moderate view of my glass half full and half empty. (How is that for a clear & concise answer?! That is to say that I can't decide which I am - half full or half empty. I guess ask me each day and I might have a different answer. My dear mothers and girlfriends...which am I? You can tell the world better than I anyway. )

That being said...I'll start out with the Top 10 Best of my little vacation:

10. Naps
9. A good book
8. Choosing where & when total relaxation takes place
7. Sand
6. Driving on Ocean Rd. with the windows down
5. Bath temperature pool water
4. The smell of the salt water
3. The heat
2. The sound of the waves
1. The nights are still as warm as the days

And now on to the Top 10 Worst of my little vacation:

10. The traffic
9. The drivers
8. Roadwork
7. Car horns - what is this? NY City?
6. The traffic
5. The drivers
4. Roadwork - oh, I'm repeating myself, huh?
3. Don't have anything that tops out at #3
2. Memories and places change so much
1. Despite all of this...that it has to end

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