Sunday, July 13, 2008


There is no news. We keep waiting and waiting and yep, you guessed it...more waiting. John will probably be walking and talking by the time we hop on the plane. At least he'll be potty trained.

I think our mothers' anxiousness combined outweighs ours though.

I think I've gone through a hundred books this summer, trying to keep my mind occupied with something other than...the waiting. By the way, there weren't any great movies at the theater this weekend. Except for the Will Smith one and we just weren't in the mood. Oops, scratch that. I wasn't in the mood. Poor Charley. An aside...we don't have cable right now and I miss my mtv.

I did get to talk to my brother in law on Saturday. He and his wife live in Macedonia and run an English school. I'll leave you with a few pictures from their recent trek up a mountain to a monastery. There was only one monk there, he said.


rberry said...

Jackie and Charley,

We are so excited for you and your approaching meeting / life with your son. We are praying for you as you wait expectantly, hopefully, somewhat indefinitely. Here is a quote that I found comforting as we waited for Elisha's birth mom to be found and (maybe) sign his papers so he could come home from Taiwan to us: "In a thousand trials, it is not just five hundred of them that work "for the good" of the believer, but nine hundred and ninety-nine, plus one." - George Mueller (referring to Romans 8:28)

Rebecca Berry (mom of Elisha)

Joshua said...

I don't keep up with your blog very well, how do you expect me to be able to write my own? I just saw that you posted some of my pictures.. :) We'll talk again soon!